Read Poem: Saving Planet Earth, by Sarada Gray

(from a genre called the Golden Shovel using the first two lines of Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’)

It’s running out, what little time we had
yet there are still deniers who say we
need more research: we’re always hearing ‘but’
while, hurrying near, destruction of the world
approaches. Have we time to do enough?
Reverse the harm, refreeze the ice-caps and
cool the air down? Can it be done in time?
For as Naomi Klein has written, This
Changes Everything. There’s no room for coyness
or deep denial: she’s our Leading Lady.
If we can’t soon return to where we were
the answer to all questions will be no.
Which universe will then forgive our crime?

© Sarada Gray, 2020