Read Poem: WONDERLAND, by Susie Golightly

I’m the new broad in town, so let me introduce myself:
Susie Golightly; been rhymin’ since I was twelve.
I never thought a skinny white girl could rap off-the-cuff.
I wasn’t like the Lady of Rage who rocked tough and stuff.
I used to rap in front of the mirror into my microphone hand,
“Me, Myself, and I,” and “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”
But I’ll never forget that day I heard his whiney voice say,
“Hi! My name is… Slim Shady.”
I was hooked in an instant, drawn to his wit like a magnet.
A lyrical genius, spitting out nonsense that made sense.
I was no longer afraid to express myself.
Had more words in my head than a 40-foot bookshelf.

GoGo Rusha was born, and then Susie Golightly.
Both personas were known to bring life to the party.
Susie boozy slippin’ everyone roofies.
Life was so surreal it felt like the movies.
Sleepin’ all day, slangin’ all night,
higher than balloons, livin’ the circus life.
I’d seen more criminals and crazies than a penitentiary,
realized my life was a waste; too rudimentary.
So, I got out the game and back into college.
Earned my M.A. and gained book knowledge.
Half street – half geek,
could’ve been a cop on 21 Jump Street.

A Girl, Interrupted – my personality disorder: petulant borderline.
I’ve been corrupted, like Tyler Durden, got two beautiful minds –
Call me the Madd Rapper, lost in a land of jibber-jabber.
Fell to the bottom of this hole and I can’t find a ladder.
So, it’s home sweet home in this underground rap pack,
And I’m keepin’ the Beat alive like my hero Jack Kerouac –
Doo be doo be doo, it’s the hepcat crew –
bringing it to you on the ones and twos,
makin’ the scene, livin’ life on the brink.
Droppin’ bomb beats six feet deep,
‘cause society condemns what it doesn’t understand.
Escaped the callous world into this wonderland –
This place is so dope, think I’m gonna stay awhile.
So, pass that hookah Absolem, and let’s smoke some freestyles

~Susie Golightly