Not a king, by Yamini Rana

I’ve pulled,
I’ve held,
I’ve been the lead.

With no vices,
and no dices,
Benevolence, I bleed.

For I need no bling,
as I am no king.
For I break and make,
and weave worthy kings!

Call me right hand,
Call me hidden hand,
But I am powerful ‘The Hand’
As I foresee,
and I fore-plan,
But the crown never do I land.

As I was a king
not long way back,
Best and Just of all
that I must add.

So I know a king has his might,
with a lot of knights by his side.
But a Maker, I am ‘The Bright’
with unique sight working day-night.

As I want no throne,
I want no peak,
So I stepped aside,
my worth, I seek.

As why be selfish
and be the only great one?
As I can make many great kings
when I’ll be through and done!

For I give wings to many other,
And I am no king
But a KingMaker.