Dear You, Poetry by Chirayu

 Genre: Society

This poetry relate you by my world of Writing.!
This is me a poetry teller
Rhyming down the line
Shimmering light of love
Pouching out my heart
in flame of different words..
Gifting you a secret beauty
Falling down on knees
folding hand behinds
Rearing one hand Front with a
Beautiful Rose to say!..
Will you be my valentine!…

the rays of beauty shines on face
where hides the blushing rose,
Pride of fragrant poetry
Prepared in sane of love;
Garland meet for beauty’s brows,
Hill and dale adorning?
Gentle maid the summer’s fled
And the hopeless Rose bright forever!!..
Till the next Valentine day!!…
– Chirayu



    * * * * *

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