Poetry: Addict by Himanshu Pandit

Genre:- Dark, Demons

 I now know the thrills…

I now know the meaning..

Of a weak will..

But the resistance has lost..

The weak will subdued by a farce..

A promise that was made..

No its not good,

It was fake..

I see myself in the mirror everytime..

Little by little getting lost…

In this self inflicted crime..

But where is the salvation, that i seek..

Where is the preacher,

That preached the promised land..

15 min. Of heaven and than..

Another day..

Of getting tormented in hell..

When this cycle will stop, You ask..

I don’t know..

But till then I hope to live..

So I can slit this demon throat..

While holding him by his wrist..

* * * *

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