Read Poetry: Hate Groups by Gladys W. Muturi

Genre: Peace, Humanity, Social Commentary

Dear Hate Groups

Why do you hate us?

What have we done to you?

Are we your targets to get rid of or grow attention from the media

I am woman made not to hate

I have a child, an innocent child who doesn’t understand the world yet.

You say, “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group” and yet

Unarmed black men and black women get shot by police officers and get away with murder

While We get blame for crimes we didn’t even do

Can’t we just get along?

We’re not your enemies

We’re your friends

We don’t have to fight

Let’s teach our children to love not to hate

If it weren’t for God, he would’ve never created us in different colors

Can’t we just be kind?

There’s no need to fight

Let’s endure each other

Embrace each other

Give hugs and kisses to each other

Sing Kumbaya in perfect harmony

Accept each other whether we’re black or white

Can’t you see? The Point is….

The world is different, we’re different


A Human who loves Humans