HEART-ROBBER, Poetry by Glory Emmanuel

Genre: Romance, Relationship

HEART-ROBBER by Glory Emmanuel, aka glow grandeur.

In the gloom of the night
When all was asleep and quiet
He came and broke into my heart
Using his burglary tools and might

His charm was the key, when that did not work
He bashed out his slanting look
With this he smacked in pieces my gate
Trembling, I spelt my fate
With his seductive tongue, he genteelly opened the door
And dragged me out of my fur of fear

He searched me, and took away everything
Walked and left me with nothing
I try to call the police, maybe shout out for help
But my voice had lost its leap
There and then it dawned on me, I have no heart
The robber have stolen it
In that blink moment of lustful romance
I lost a lifetime of faith in Terrence

I must admit, I admire my heart-robber
I think he was stewed with the onion of Napoleon
It takes a lot of tactics and grit to rob my heart
And only few men can
For it takes a general with many years of conquest
To have the guts to make an attempt.


    * * * * *

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