Poetry: LIVE TO GIVE by Jacqueline Miller-Audeh

Genre: Loss

 Waiting seemed to be the norm
They never thought how it made her feel scorned

Many times she did not understand
So all she did was take a stand

She would stand no matter what for what her heart felt was right.
After all everyone knew she would never have enough to really take flight.
But she could fight till the end
That is how time taught her spend

Some wait a little while live the life of dreams.
She waited and still waits to have a life free from there seems

She wondered if it would be ever happen
You know the basic things that make a life.
The things that she could only admire and know would never be in her life.

Funny how they never got enough
Enough of trying to teach her tough.

Tough was not her lesson.
She had and learned enough.

No one ever thought about love or compassion.

Those she knew too well
But, they too did not stay too well
Only her heart would swell

Still on she waited….
I hope she gets a little resemblance of life.

For living is not to be a strife.
She need a life to live.
Not a life to give.


* * * * *

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