Love,… not the Rules, Poetry by Charles p.Banks

Love,… not the Rules  by Charles p.Banks


I kiss with two hands

coz I’m a Hungry man

Hunger for those liPps

manners polite fools do..

a feast famished delicate rules…it’s

You i treasure .. never enough

liPps juices glisten flavorful licks

don’t measure… just the more

of it …behold i consume U


I kiss with two hands

stands the appetite

crazed  the more…fuller

pull yoU in… closer…

mo fuller…tongue moves

smooves skins delights in

shallowin’ the soul sin.. bit

bites…creativin whole..

pleasures…in spaces…

beginin anew

“De novo “


I kiss with my 2 Hands

a bite of a primitive

rules be damned…

I see my prey…we

no wat’s in the way..

feast… nor famine

beasts released prey eacH

how/why/ I should we/ no

lest we forget ~nor never forgotten

we kiss with two hands

6/5/16 seaBe





    * * * * *

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