POETRY READING: Mantra Of A Bridge Builder, Lucinda J. Clark

Performed by Allison Kampf

Mantra of a Bridge Builder

I am a bridge builder.
I build based upon where I travel

I build on happy days and sad days:
I have built during times I felt I could not— and possibly should not—go on.

My bridge building is based on following a road;
a dominant thought
changes in my worldview.

Added to each bridges structure are things I have seen,
things I have heard,
things I have read.

Ideas I have opened and closed my eyes, heart and mind to.

The length and strenght of some of these bridges are undetermined and,
much too far away
for my mind’s eye to reach

only the passage of time will determine.

Each bridges purpose is to open new gateways,
and give opportunity,

to those who are and are not like me.
To enrich all just by having come this way.

just maybe,
when my bridge building days are done, what has been built
(even as I lapses into dust)
lives on

@Lucinda J. Clark