Read Poem: Of times, Melisa Keelanna Griffith

Times and times again
Bypasses the distance of my mise
Kaleidscopes of precious moments
Brings to life the real In meh total scope
Forever inundated be meh fe totalic replace
Reminiscing on the remembrance meh faded face
Phased an thinking of the measure within these times
Calling to know whom I was before
Transitting on this mindscape
I redundant the child
Was ever me was ever free
Too, much is due to the pleasant lessons in my negated rear view
Passing times measured by distance as I count the miles on the mileage speed; upon meh back as I walk entrance into the future
I sound the full hands width purposed within the stockhold; the baggage of memories
Cremiced I place it upon the table of trust to know in this essence of lust what befolds the resistance to know
To gauge its measure and point it to the zenith my realizing that time and times again exist
For to peel away at this old age sin forever would my hope foretold the wisdom untold
And if ever it be to my reality I must know the measure of my sins
To brigade within the lush waters of force to carry on trodding this course
To my eye view pinpoint the realness in me is to know
So I talk within the vocal stories, the forlore within
In pleasant reminiscing ii foretold the vessel that
would carry me on to times and times again.