Read Poetry: MONSTER, by Jeff Bardeau


Genres: fear, anger, horror, death, rage, torture, destruction, bloody, screaming

The demons that haunt me
Linger in my dark to flaunt me.
Speaking in whispers to taunt me.
Eating my life from within to gaunt me.
From their souls I can not hide.
I have lost myself with them inside.
All I have left are the memories those who have died.
“ If only I could have helped them be safe!
From my bad self that waits inside!”
“You are so weak and pathetic you fool!
You know you can not stop me!”
“Why can’t you leave me alone?
And take your darkest deeds and thoughts away!”
“Such a whining child, no back bone!
I have wonderful plans and I so enjoy my craft!”
I smile when they begged and cried.
I can not stop what I need to do.
My hands are guided to see it all through.
I laughed as their lives began to bleed and unscrew.
I am looking for another to play with, could it be you?
I despised all the human greedy desires and bloated vanity.
You might think I am crazy
Or that I live in a world full of insanity.
But that is okay with me
Because I am your worst fear.
A screaming image you can not escape from.
Because I am what your nightmares are made of.
The bogeyman that visits you in the dark.
The shadow that always seems to follow you.
Or the whispering voice behind you.
Yes, I am all of these things and much, much more.
You see, I am your monster!

Jeff Bardeau August 30, 2017

* * *

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