Mr. Façade, Poetry by Esther Oyebode

Genre: Relationship

eyes wide; tears streaming,
the slap across my face,
awake me from dreams and fantasy,
to hear the reject clearly.

the fist in my stomach
remind me of former regrets.
the leg against my neck
shouts game over,
tearing my pride apart,
killing me till I really died.

how did I fall for the hug
that seemed to scream
of how I can be cherished;
or the smile that held my gaze.

Heaven’s apple got me enticed,
even Eve in the garden had no choice.
I was mesmerized by his beauty.
my body fitting every inch
got me believing I was right
with choices made.

only five nights before
his eyes spoke the words aloud
I want you
the handshake screamed
can I know you more?
his approach spat
let me take you to a place
his voice whispered
I want you forever.


    * * * * *

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