Read Poetry: The twain that never cross parts, Okah Obinna Joseph

Drowning in sounds of figmented imaginations
Nope it’s a bad nightmare of incarceration 
Torturing me with scars and tears 
As I fright back into my shell of fears 
Reminiscing good times 
Scathing our cherish, dreams and memories 
With haunted sacrifices 

I lost myself changing for you or else ? 
While you changed for someone else 
Oh no ! you bought me a bitter sweet 
I’m not a wailing wailer for meat 
But this bitter pill is really costly 
As thou faithfully betrayed Bostly 

A vengeance of forgiveness
Is the magical agony of kindness
Oh Love and passion ! 
What a cruel combination !
Dear time shower your miracles 
Please don’t fling me away like a rag doll just like the team of Heracles 

I’m drunk to stupor 
Because my saviour is liquor 
Just two minutes to rebuild the glass 
But forever to rebuild my breathing flask 
My emptiness only has hate 
Like wounds of the diabetic gate 

No ounce of mercy 
In Bovary and madam Stacy
There’s no moving on
The end is all one 
I hope the twain never cross parts 
As breaking romance surely sparks