POETRY READING: Once Upon A Crooked Time….., by Robert Drusetta

Performed by Hannah Ehman


There was a crooked man
Who had a crooked home
He had a crooked fence
And had a crooked gnome

He had a crooked garden
Which people came to see
Have you ever seen a hedgerow
Zig-zag past a tree?

You need a crooked key
To get inside his house
Else no-one can get in
Not just his crooked mouse

He lives all by himself
For he never found a wife
He’s not rich or famous
But has a happy life

In his lounge he sits
On his crooked wooden chair
It’s such a perfect fit
You’d think he wasn’t there

He reads when in his chair
Exciting crooked books
It may sound quite simple but
It’s harder than it looks

By his crooked fireplace
Sleeps his crooked cat
Curled up warm and cosy
On her crooked mat

When he cooks his dinner
On his crooked stovetop
He doesn’t spill a thing
Not one crooked drop

In his crooked attic
Above the crooked stairs
Ornaments are abound
Antiques and crooked wares

Nearby is the market
Where he does his shopping
One day he stubbed his toe
And went home crookedly hopping

A quick walk down his street
Was a challenge in itself
He’d be heading straight for you
Then bump into someone else

He goes to work each morning
Driving his crooked car
He bakes bagels every day
For people near and far

He loves all crooked food
Jellybeans and bananas
Crooked cucumbers daily
Cashews and cabanas

His favourite sport is hockey
On grass or on the ice
Or to throw a boomerang
And catch it once or twice

He said when he retires
He’ll sell his crooked house
And move out to the country
With his crooked cat and mouse

Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Festival Moderators: Matthew Toffolo, Rachel Elder

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editors: Kimberly Villarruel, Ryan Haines, John Johnson

Festival Directors: Rachel Elder, Natasha Levy

Camera Operators: Ryan Haines, Temitope Akinterinwa, Efren Zapata, Zack Arch