Ophelia; from Isolation to Desolation, Poetry by Bicky Saikia

Genre: Minimalism

Shredded heart bleeds blue
high and isolated
she is her own muse.
Sinking in whisky 
headed up to desolation,
betrayed yet easy to wield,
standing next to misery.

She is ophelia
Belongs to a forbidden town.
a victim and stressed lover,
stumbled and floundered 
innocence died with her virgin blood
youth is now aged bride 
exaggerate some wailing groove.

Sings and weeps
scars and tattoos shine 
her unadorned and blazed ancient beauty 
ushers to vanity and delusions 
She slept with a dethroned prince
kiss and undress that ample girl
tried to be faded by singing celtic song
accused by unforgiven deeds of others 
from isolation ophelia headed upto desolation.



    * * * * *

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