Tears of Remorse, Poetry by Debbie Lyn Jones

Genre: Dark

“A 9-year-old Alabama girl is dead after her grandmother and stepmother … Police say the girl was ordered to run for 3 hours as punishment for lying to her.”

Tears of Remorse

Forgive me

Forgive me
I only wanted your heart

Forgive my deception
Forgive my lies

I am but a child
I only want your love

See my tears of remorse
have pity upon my small soul

On and forwards I go
every day a blur

I want to come from the shadows into the light
I want your hand to take me there

Please…love me
please care for me

I want to go round and round
in the bright days of tomorrow

the grass at our feet
the wind in our hair

I want to be as one
I want to go with you

please love me
please see
my tears of remorse

Debbie Lyn Jones 2/26/12

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