Richest Nation, Poetry by Donna Roberts

Genre: Political, Rhyme

Oh, A Nation of Assault
Whilst we’re all in default

Reminiscent of former cataclysm
Government locked the vault
how much longer shall we wait
as the grey haired fools debate
Listening to the tale of jobs they will avail

A generation of innovation is at hand
will they listen
So prosperity can expand
the families suffer
with little buffer

When healthcare is in despair
and college loans unfair
Senior citizens living on a prayer
Its hard to be aware
Do you Dare?
Do you Dare?

Corporate Greed is how they feed
starts as a seed, becomes a need
Dictate Dictate Dictate
Then they turn the table and
give the activist a label

They wont be happy till they are done
When no one can afford to have fun
There’s a lot pain
When your at the bottom of the food chain
In the richest nation in the world!


    * * * * *

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