Soul Forsaken, Poetry by M. Arundel

Category/Genre – Death / Vampire

To tread death, eternal ages, forever lost the path of life,
Untouched by Heavens Angels, unscathed by Death’s dark scythe.
No welcome at the Gates of Hell, to walk alone, all hope forsaken,
No mercy given, a lifeless shell, suspended by damnation.
Complexion pale like driven snow, frozen touch as cold as ice,
Soulless wanderer full of woe, eyes fixed, in search of sacrifice.
Upon the lips a crimson stain, redder than the flowering rose,
A desolate heart filled with pain, where silence now forever flows.
Denied the new dawns rising sun, compelled to quench the burning thirst,
What’s done may never be undone, to walk the night forever cursed.
In solitude, fallen from grace, in death for century’s untold,
No comfort found, no resting place, no forgiveness to behold,
Powers of darkness diminish light, in a trance like state, no thought,
Damned into twilight by a curse bestowed, but rarely ever sought.
No escape, the soul is taken, no resistance, no redeem,
Never to awaken; ever trapped within this nightmare dream.

    * * * * *

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