spiritual cold war, Poetry by David Steven Twist

Genre: Political, Satire

I’ve tried to invoke a spiritual counter measure to Coke Cola stealing a saint as a brand  ambassador by resurrecting the spirit of Edgar Alan Poe to fight the fizzy drink

 The Rix
The Rix rapped rapidly ready and ravishly.
Eying the Red Man bound on his
His belly a tremor his voice lost its tenor; as he pleaded Dilemma and freedom
His cry through the night – space and through light ; to Heaven with might Hark
Michael with lore.

The Rix raggered wrong rancorous song.
A Mellifluous melody, madness and mel’choly Through hearts souls mind for ever
(Meaghar my friend your sword please amend; this tragedy scene I must deplore!)

The Cellar went bright manifest light –
Righteous at height Rix wroggled as right Michael did smite the
shadow before!
The Green Man stood loud ,sonorous and proud; His bondage in buddles on the

Be free child’s friend as time you bend For Earths Hearths are waiting in store.

Peace and love in the light
good night




    * * * * *

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