THE DEFENCE OF THE DARK, Poetry by Helen Spisak

 Genre: Dark

Darkness has a very independent existence
Needing no reassurance of being
And no alliance of thought

Darkness holds burdens and secrets together
The extraordinary to the mundane
Where regrets are buried forever

Darkness tolerates the dreamy, watery moonlight
Hibernates from the extrovert sun
And clarifies all sound to a pindrop

Darkness loves to party with nocturnal friends
Hide all flaws and make amends
Sends restorative sleep and plays ‘nightmare roulette’

Darkness has pity for poor twilight
Loathes torches, fires and electric
Teases us from the edge of flickering candlelight

Darkness loves to shadow puppet on a moonlit wall
Lurk in cupboards, corridors and corners
And loves to make you tumble and fall

Darkness lives or hides in us all
You don’t have to light every corner of your soul

Written by Helen Spisak



    * * * * *

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