THE GOSSIPING TREE, Poetry by Darren Finlinson

Genre: Family, Rhyme

Taken from Tales Of Hickety Plop. Children’s rhyme written by B.B. Sommers (twitter @TiddleyPump)

by Darren Finlinson

Right in the centre of Hickety Plop,

Surrounded by every fantastical shop,

A magical wonder for all to see,

Is the one and only gossiping tree.

With bright gold leaves and age unknown,

The silver trunk in time has grown,

From all the tales it’s ever heard,

No matter how strange or even absurd.

With all the news it hears each day,

From all the folks who pass it’s way,

It often likes to talk and rant,

It surely is a nosey plant.

It likes to moan, it likes to tutt,

It never keeps it’s big mouth shut,

No matter who will walk it’s way,

It always has something to say.

When Mrs. Toodle once went by,

The tree had tried to catch her eye,

And laughed at her enormous hat,

And that her bottom was so fat.

Some people smiled at what it said,

Some people scolded it instead.

Now, maybe what it said was true,

But would you like it said to you?

No matter if it’s fake or real,

How does it make the others feel?

A bluebird flying overhead,

Was shocked at all the things it said,

it flew quite fast around the town,

And gathered every bird it found,

The giant flock began to fly,

Way up high into the sky,

And then upon the count of three,

Dropped lots of presents on the tree,

They hit the leaves with such a clatter,

None of them escaped the splatter,

So now the tree avoids such drama,

And understands that it was karma,

it learned that if you can’t be nice,

Be silent or at least think twice,

You never know who may pass by,

And it’s just lucky cows can’t fly.


    * * * * *

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