Read Poem: To Manchester With Love by Kathy Walsh

Liverpool’s neighbour since time began
Cultural landscape ripe to explore
Exciting things if you have a plan
Or just want to go the match and nose round the shops.

I went to my first gig 22 years ago
I saw Blur at the G-Mex,
It was so like the MEN
There was none of this hate, fear and anger back then.

What happens through ideology
Only cements the love
People have for families, friends and siblings
It should be enough

There is no just cause, no right way to find the words
No explanation given
Who can? I can’t

I only hope as humans we remember
To be helpful kind and speak and do peaceful things

So the 22 people lost on a night out
Will be remembered as the people that were having fun
Manchester I send love,
Stay strong.

Note: I wrote this a few days after the terror attack at MEN last year in tribute to the 22 people who died after seeing Ariana Grande. The word Tribute is what I would like this poem to be considered for publication on the site and in print.