Read Poem: To Save The World, by Patricia Egan

Genre: Awareness, Society, Hope, Painful, motivational


 Cascaded by the edge of fire

Surviving this persecution

Unknown to passing eyes

Life that was meant to save

Not be subject to explicit wear

I was surrounded by hope

Cast into a glorious life

Blinded by the lights

Raised to believe the stories

Ruined by a passing night

Where this story began

Is not for the weakened soul

Blind folded and drugged

Stripped and prodded

Scored by evil

Passed by greed

Gifted to the hidden

Robbed of all faith

Labeled for a life time

Beaten by pleasure

Fondled by many

Bought by blood money

Tears hidden by rain

Rewarded by survival

Cascaded by the edge of fire

Surviving this persecution

Rescued by a passing night

I am surrounded by hope

Where this story ends

A new begins

To save the world


* * * * *

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