“Together” is a place
Where it’s wonderful
To be side by side
And here’s where
The entire family
Loves to reside.

The weather here is warm
All feel safe and secure
Are always drenched
In love and kindness
And deep inside feel so pure.

This is a Private place
Owned severally
Also, owned by all
Secured from outside world
And not affected at all.

Kindness is given and received,
With no guilt or demand.
All are leaders
There is no command.

Understanding is so good
Communication at it’s best
All the inner feelings
Are openly expressed.

Now the question is
If ‘Together’ is a ‘place’
What is togetherness?

When the family is ‘at’ Together
The vibes that they give
It’s a feeling of wholeness
That immerses you into bliss
The vibes that you get
Of Generous, Tenderness, Gentleness
This I think is true Togetherness!

Genre: Family, Relationships, Motivational

Genre: Family, Relationships, Motivational