Read Poetry: Too many questions, too little answers, by Juan Miguel Idiazabal

All things said and done,

I’m still looking through the shattered stained glass for a solution,

a brighter day may come,

but unless I tune my ears,

it will fade away,

like a little sister who drowns in tears of despair,

her pink bunny transformed into a dildo,

her dildo transmutated into a womanizer,

her womanizer turned into a confessor,

her confessor converted into an A-bomb,

her A-bomb changed into tears of despair,

like a little suicidal sister who drowns in sweet virginal blood,

a real solution for imaginary problems?

an imaginary solution for real issues?

The world keeps spinning round and round,

a week ago, thousands of children died of hunger in Africa,

six days ago, another Qom cried because he/she was no longer free in a democratic country,

the next day, 5 CEOs moved the clock down to extinction for marlins close to 0,

four days ago, nothing happened?

three days ago, another one bite the dust while sending a tweet,

the next morning, police raided a theatre looking for drugs, while a judge bought it in the courthouse,

yesterday, 523,245 million dreams and hopes fade away,

today, a little sister was sodomized, while I was writing this poem,

an answer knocked at my door,

I wasn’t the proper question for it,

she went back to the world crying in despair,

no one believe the story we told,

she bleed herself alone and ashamed to death…