Understood – A Poem by Maia Cuellar

Understood. Maia Ariadne Cuellar
I am afraid that all I have is myself
So I’ve learned to need no one
Except myself

I will always be alone
So I choose to be comfortable with a life of solitude
And be my own best companion

It sounds quite sad and lonely
A life spent within my own mind
But It wouldn’t have to be this way
If I found people of my own kind

I can fit in with those around me
But I never profoundly connect.
I am unseen on a deeper level by others.
It’s what I’ve come to expect

I do wonder if there’s someone out there
Who accepts this feeling as real
Maybe others are too afraid to sound crazy
To explain this feeling, to make an appeal
To others to be conscious of the mental isolation
That we all very well may feel

Perhaps I simply feed my ego
With the thought that I’m the only one who’s knowing
Of this sensation. That I’m one who’s unique
Out of 7.5 billion persons – and growing

But If I’m not,
Then why does it seem to others outlandish
To voice these fears of mental detachment
And to wish my soul could be easily recognized

I can grow near others
But a part of my mind is quarantined
I don’t feel superior
More as though an important part of me is unseen

And maybe I’m too far in my own mind
But wouldn’t it be lovely
To have you back
Because you
Made me forget
These feelings of being
So terribly misunderstood.

Theming: Existential, Meta, Disconnected

Maia Cuellar
Tumblr: MaiaTries
Medium: @MaiaCuellar