When I heard the anklets chime, Poetry by Navonil Chatterjee

Genre: Family


Deep in the folds of the misty mountains,
On a calm and serene morning,
I lay in the cradle of dreamy slumber,
When the fog parted to sweet tinkling.
The music played through wood and stone,
Through cedar trees and shrubs of thyme,
Echoing off the valleys and plains,
That’s when I heard the anklets chime.

A stranger from a faraway land,
A land forgotten in times of yore,
She came from a land of dragons and elves,
Proceeded to narrate its everlasting lore.
The white wizard who’s always on time,
The young one with the lightning scar,
Played heroic roles and suppressed evil,
Their glory spread wide and far.
The golden lion that felled the white witch,
Defying death on the table of stone,
A wall of ice that goes on for miles,
Where weddings in blood set the tone.
Harmless family man, the bald alchemist,
The one who knocks, say his name!
Crystals he converts to riches aplenty,
But does not survive to lay his claim.
The Doctor sifts through space and time,
Where blinking can cost you dearly,
On and on she went about each story,
Till I could visualize her tale clearly.

‘That’s a world I’d like to visit someday’
My prompt, enthusiastic plea,
‘After all this time?’, she asks perplexed.
‘Always’, I reply with glee.



    * * * * *

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