Read Poem: WILL YOU STAND BY ME? by Samson Abanni Ikenna

In a world so populated, why is truth just one?
And why can’t we tell the end except at the end?
Since now I can only pray that I’m praying right.
And hope that I’m not wasting hope.
For I have never been on this shore,
So I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to be sure.
And with these issues here and offshore,
Can I have on me, more of your fingerprints than mine,
Can I count on you, will you stand by me?

When the rainbow is left with only three colors.
When life has finally entered menopause.
At that time when all are afraid including our fears.
When I finally meet my weaknesses and all its witnesses.
And our childhood dreams have become artifacts of memory.
Because fate no longer accepts hope as a currency.
Since the ocean that wed many tilapia,
Also hides the sharks that separate them.
To this unquestionable fate I stand as a lamb,
So am I worth the risk, will you stand by me?

Now that hope is contraband and faith is graffiti.
Now life is littered with paths like strands of spaghetti.
And one is all we can choose and hope it leads to destiny.
can I count on you, now that to dream is to dare?
Will you stand by me?
If eventually air gets recruited into a union,
and there’s an industrial action.
Can I breathe through you?
Will you take the wind with me through an untried cardinal,
in the uncertain arms of hope?
And when youth finally shed its leaves, as we know it will,
Can I still call you my friend?

What if our plans have their own plans?
What if tommorow denies us visa.
What if we are wrong to have been right?
For our plan is a boat that has never been tried.
And here we are taking on the Atlantic.
Each day is an interview with reality.
So dear, think deep before you reply.
Will you risk a lifetime when it’s all you got.
Will you stand by me?
© Samson Abanni Ikenna.