Jahh the Poet, Poetry by Hooper Simba

Genre: Intellectual

Jahh the Poet, by Hooper Simba

“Like the infamous Cartel I move dope with my quotes
Killing your paper thin intentions with the visions I’m typin in my notes
My writtens killin your intentions ,on key without the low
you’re no longer mentioned like Casper you remain ghost
I accomplish what you can’t by doing the least while yall doing the most
Y’all are nothing but leeches and I refuse to be ya host
This is only the beginning , but let me go ahead and make a toast.
Once you Encounter me ain’t no going back like the remote was broken
It’ll always pass through your mind bout the deep things that I’ve spoken
Can’t say my thoughts ain’t deep cuz my words they have been quotin
The juice from my glo’ is exactly where your mind has been soakin
The pressure been building like I was a bear that you been pokin
The words I speak make shawty weak cuz my charm is just that potent .
The vibe I make her feel make her mind levitate and have her body floating.
Yall tried to lock me in house but I’ve already surpassed my predicted ceiling .
I could look you in your eyes , taste your vibe and tell you exactly how you feeling
Tell you how your old skin you should be peeling cuz the layer you grow after that will increase the healing .
I can give you the world , show you what you deserve if your more then willing
Then before you know it , you’ll call me a bandit cuz your heart I’m stealing
I just want a partner in crime and together everything we killing
You could lose your mind, tryna follow my thoughts projection
I wanna fill the world with my thoughts like it was a infection
Put your feet in my shoes , and see the world through my perception
These days I got my eyes closed and I’m swangin tryna make a connection
Tryna achieve my dreams, complete the vision , to improve my reflection
I don’t fear nothing , God & my NaNa are my protection
Everything happens for a reason and that reason i will never question
Even if it looks bad now later on it will be a blessing
Yall thought yall knew it all, I hoped you learned ya lesson
Yall still sleep on that kid , I hope you did a lot of resting
Prepare for a rude awakening , ima fire shots without the smith & Wesson .
My goal in life is to always live lavishly
& return to my home planet cuz I’m from another Galaxy
I been dropping negativity just as much as I been dropping calories
I hold the door open to those who wanna leave cuz all I ever had was me
I’ve always been that shoulder ,everyone can always cry on me
I can never accept failure cuz everyone relies on me
I’m to real to be true so all these people do is lie on me .
How many times I gotta say , I just want a girl to coincide with me ?
A passenger that’s down and always gonna ride with me
A hiker that’s gone climb with me
A pilot that’s gone fly with me
Someone that has the same wave and can vibe with me
Some one who never has anything to hide from me
Some one who has the same drive as me
Some one who could be Bonnie and Clyde with me
the way she looks at me and the vibe tell me she loves me ,silently.
& the fact I wrote that about my dream girl I still haven’t met is a sign to me.” -Jahh

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