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Read Poetry: Poem, by 78Poet

We walk the streets everyday But separately We walk through the crowd But each on the other side Our heads are bowed down Thinking of what could have been Why aren’t we living the dream? The ones we dreamt together. … Continue reading

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Read Poetry: Conquer The Fear, by Grace Mavodza

Face to face, No, face my mind. Looking within The dark abyss. There she lurks My other half. Her eyes glow red. A piercing hue, That burns right through my inner core. As she glides across my mind with ease … Continue reading

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Read Poetry: “Sleep No More”, by Kim Michelle Ross

Sleep evermore my love, Your betraying lies, Unhinged and broke my heart. It was the blackest day, At the brightest hour, When my love finally soured. Your despairing pleas, Failed to sway my forgiveness. Bang, went the gun, it had … Continue reading

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Read Poetry: OUCH!, by Andrianne Philippou

Ouch…!     This comes as no surprise, you see  I always felt this had to be.  There is a certain path you know,  a way to learn, a way to grow.  For here the road is split in two,  one track for me, and one for you.    So as I walk, my steps unsure,  I stumble slightly, sometimes fall.  And as I struggle hard to stand  and carry on without your hand,  I realise that I’m doing fine.  Horizons beckon, the sun still shines.  The rainbow hasn’t lost its colour,  and so what if the poppy’s pallor  needs a little extra spark, to stir the   meadow or the park?    I know that I will find my way  (despite the tears that make me stray),  by daring to believe my dream;   the trickle of a mountain stream  that flows, cascading to the sea  and finds release, as so will we…    I’m holding on to all that’s real;   the way you laugh, the way you feel,  the way we share a thought, our passion,  a sense that this is beyond fashion.  For how else can you touch me quite,   and know my soul, and fit so right?    For me, this journey holds no fear.  So please, unlock your heart, my dear…       © Andrianne Philippou –  26th April 2008   … Continue reading

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Read Poem by Oceana

Genres : love, hurt, revenge, spiritual, philosophical No Right You have no right to ask how I am And no right to an answer No right even to the thought occuring Or the breath that bore it That breathed our … Continue reading

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Read Poetry: 929, by Priyanka Mandlekar

Nine to Nine…  The Innocent face has turned dramatic bad  The wait for new love is new life  loving heart is in trouble  Pleasing tears are now friends of mine…  Mummy’s daughter is burning 9 to 9…    Don’ts & Do’s is not a worry  For me my limits are now left far behind  Everything about you now seems to be mine…  Daddy’s Princess is Burning 9 to 9…    Love at 1st sight has brought colors  Worth the risk the glance that proved  I am new to my own strength  I find nobody to be mine…  Loving heart is Burning 9 to 9…    Drowned thou still in hope  Love for you has kept me alive  I am gluing the broken pieces of mine…  Lonely Queen is Burning  9 to 9…    Through scars the smile is still green  In wait of you to understand years passed by  I am all yours as much as I am not mine…  My Heart is Burning 9 to 9….    It’s now all empty within  It’s over the idea of love has ruined today and past  Why we crossed the path which were never meant to be  I wish my life would be mine…  An injured heart is Burning 9 to 9….

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Watch the OCTOBER 2017 Poetry Readings

Performed by Elizabeth Rose Morris Poetry Reading: The Painter, by Theresa Pio Poetry Reading: LOVE SONG OF A JOURNEYMAN, by Vihang A Naik Poetry Reading: Precious Little Girl by Murna Safford                   … Continue reading

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