Thinking up castles, by Roxanne Arvizu

I can clean my room!
There is so much to do!
Like put away my skates
I better tie my shoes!

Sometimes on rainy days
I hide under covers
Pretending that its bed time
Praying no one discovers!

Me under and over, on top
in a ball
Just dreaming away
and feeling so tall

In a magical land
with fairies and friends
playings games with such fun
I hope it never ends!

I see that you’re cleaning
and I can help too!
almost finished with a tea party
with kittens that mew!

I am big now
My room I can clean!
Just a little longer here..
I do love to dream?

Thinking up castles
and kites on a string
ladybugs dancing
fairies with wings

apples and cherries
on trees galore
butterflies, flowers
ponies and more

A cottage so perfect
that everything rings
the staircase has windows
to gardens that sing

So happy with glee
in such pure delight
the fireflies dance
a ballet every night

knowing, believing
Everything is my friend
from the moon to the stars
to the great river bend

I want to clean my room
I promise I do
But there is a farm and a barn
and ranch maybe two?

Where the cows
love to tell a story they do!
to me, and the monkeys,
and four kangaroos

There is a garden of flowers
filled with books that I’ve read
What fun! All of these places
that dance in my head

in this garden
with flowers
plus more
I dream up more dreams
where i’m doing my my chores!

I look up at the sky
and dream dreams
all day
of what I will become?
the instruments I’ll play

On top of mountain,
Then a boat that I row
My thoughts are so BIG
like a giant rainbow!

Then out from the covers
Rarrr! I am brave!
like a lion well rested
I emerge from my cave!

I’m ready to help Mommy!
what can I do?
Mommy understands
because she loves me SO much
and I love her too.


9/11 Attacks, by Janelle Barker

The day began like any other r
The sun rose, scattering to work,
Settling into their day, with a smirk.
8.46am thousands of lives, would change,
North Twin Tower was hit by a plane,
People thought, NO, that’s insane.
News came to those, yes it was true,
Some knew and others didn’t have a clue.
Terror attacks was announced
Disbelief from civilians, on the ground.
9.03am, no, not again
The South Tower was hit, oh Amen.
Survivors running for their lives,
Passing the dead, that, they did dread.
Parts of bodies everywhere,
We had no time, to stop to care.
We had to get out, as fast as we could,
Everyone knew, that was understood.

People jumping from the towers,
Things happened in minutes,
Which seem liked hours.
Flights hijacked, 93,77 and 175
All the passengers, tried their best
To stay alive.
Life that day, was out of control,
When the buildings were demolished
It left, a great big hole.
90 countries, lost loved ones,
Firefighters, military
And police,
are many of the rescue Workers,
that now rest in peace.
Estimated up to 19,000
In the towers upon attack,
So hard to believe
That this maybe fact.
Years later, people still dying,
To the families, related this
Is terrifying.
Exposed toxins from ground zero,
Pregnancy losses, cancers
No one can find answers.
A memorial was made
For all to see,
A reminder of life,
No one would disagree.
Pay your respect, for those we lost,
And say a prayer,
For no extra cost.
This moment in history,
the world will remember,
Let’s come together,
United we stand,
Hand in hand,
Let’s show the world what we can withstand

A CLUE, by Dushica Labovich

When you learn to read without the letters,
because hearts’s letter is written without them;
You’ll learn to listen without superstition,
you’ll understand the wisdom of the one who is silent.

When you help those who did not help you,
And you do not create a rival game
forgive the one who has not repented,
because forgiveness is a matter of your morality

When you praise the one who can not praise the other
and for this you have no some ambiguous goal
do not talk about the worst
so you could raise your self-confidence

When you kiss the leper and you do not feel bad,
because so his wound will become painless
Hug the homeless and let them all marvel
regretness is weak people’s dark side

When you cheat to help those who is deceived,
Do not be ashamed yourself
Give what you’ve been collecting for years
but do not looking for the benefit in that.

when you lose the most important in your life
Do not surrender to death as a sceptic
bless the one who stole from you
No one can steal what is itended.

Trust in more when you fall the lowest,
because it builds high from the low;
Achieve but keep dreaming,
because the birth is just a new beginning.

When you’ll swimm in gold, don’t measure yourself with others,
because the measure is the virtue of envy;
Do not boast in your deeds,
in modesty is their strength.

When the Oscars and Nobel prisez will be important to you,
golden palms, lions and globes;
Do not let that confessions, delights and applause
means everything to you.

When you supported all armless that they could swim,
and sing with deaf people in front of all world.
when you prove to lords that thay can love too
and give them word in vow.

When you protect the sun shadow with a shade
give light to the brightness and darkness to the night
Treat everyone equally,
you’ll know you left a clue on the earth!

Lyrics While on an Edible on the Plane Back From California, by Siena Facciolo

I’ll go to visit you
In the green fields of my youth
Your skin as soft as flowers
That dot the hillside

My mother she will hold
Your hand until she knows
That you will safely make it
Through her memories

I remember summer treats
Blueberries between my teeth
Raw cane sugar in a little bowl
Whole-oat oatmeal by the window

I can’t recall the sound
Of your voice while we sat around
The dining room table full
Of food we had to share

I loved that magnet on your fridge
Of Jesus on a tie die binge
I’d get him down to his underwear
Then dress him up again

The Siena-colored kitchen floor
the swinging swanging screen porch door
Your many-layered pantry shelves
Your late-life rebellion

I’ll go to visit you
In my mother’s arms at night
Your skin as soft as flowers
Your eyes hold futures bright

The Global Foe, by Abubakarr Momoh Sesay

Have you heard about it?
Do you feel the pains and sorrows?
Can we all die of this?
Oh Corona!
You came like a wildfire, quickly vanishing the unforgettable pains of Ebola
You’re ruining lives through panic;
Affecting the known and unknown
Destroying our immune system

Oh Corona! what a deadly pandemic?

I tell you it’s tragic!
Far away from your magic
I am terrified by the numerous cases we see and hear
All you portray is fear

What a bitterness we are facing?
You keep spreading rapidly.
Leaving no nook or kranny
This is the right time to turn to our Maker
Let’s all seek His blessing.

There’s no where to hide
Everyone bears the brunt of of their burden
Nations to which we depend all succumb

Don’t feel sick and seat, reach 117 to assist.
Be sure to seek for medical aid
Ourselves are weapons to fight against this foe.

Let’s embrace ourselves and live as one big family!
It doesn’t matter where you are ,
Neither where you’re from.
Your race doesn’t matter
All we need is each other
Let’s forget our differences
We’re not enemies,

DEATH OF NOISE, by Shiela Denise Scott

You play music,
No respect for the silent type,
You own the blocks peace,
Thug life,

You deal to the fiends,
Turning corners at all times,
Loudly they scream,
Interrupting peace of mind,
Gang life never resigns

Prosperously you push luxury,
The struggling mother lost sleep time,
Riches you gain from others losing their minds,
Causing spirits to Rebel with no peace signs

Darkened by midnight,
No one lights up your face,
But the next lost soul,
Who lost their faith,
Another mishap,
Confusing their fate
Another angel,
Misguided by devils’ gates

Trapped in a neighborhood,
Forced by salary resided citizens, and crime,
Gunshots ring my memory,
Visual fights disturb the mind,
Noise raises its volume,
Addiction praises its find,
Screams of yesterday echo,
Into the shadows of moonlight…

Help me find silence!


The Climax…, by Jo-Ann E

You’re yelling now.

The veins in your neck

Popping out as if they’re ready to attack me

Right then and there.

I sit on the bed as I watch you pace back and forth avoiding eye contact.

Can’t help but feel the tears gathering themselves, blurring my view

The knot in my throat ready to take over

Common sense, love, and empathy go flying out the window as I hear the words coming out of your mouth.

I open my mouth to interrupt you but I go mute. Out of fear.

Fear of our future. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of not being able to recognize the person that I claim to love. Fear of falling out of love.

So I stay quiet. Let it out.

But remember….

remember that a sponge can only be full for so long, until water starts spilling out of every hole.

Cold-Turkey Cuts, by Saleda Abdul

I’m somehow paler now than I was through Winter

And ghosting when I’d rather be out toasting,

Even if it were still out frosting

Nah b, but I might just be lying to me,

Cuz time is teaching me what boundaries and growth mean

Like putting things in their proper place

Instead of tossed in a drawer of disheveled space

Because you don’t get taught the how,

Always just told the what

But I’m uncovering how poetry is my recovery

For, it is perspective renewed

When I can hardly see past the overcasts

And my eyes stay open doing unpaid overnights

Still, to honor ALL the parts that come with You

With the space to feel your feels

And just give it some comfort food

Or maybe a nap,

And take it all in with just a baby step

And, I couldn’t so much regret the ease..

For the tomorrows to perhaps bring a better breeze

By: Saleda Abdul

Ghost of You, by Lucia Irvine

Do you want to,
Come over later?
I hear myself say y e s.
It tastes sour in my mouth,
I didn’t like lemons until I met you.
I recount the time you smashed a bottle millimetres from my face,
Maybe my riposte was too smart,
You glunched and I braced.
I imagine gnashing the glass,
Desperately digesting your aggression,
Slurping my bloodied gums, I spit:
‘whatever you are, I am too’.
You are the train and I am the station,
Withdrawn entities and lifeless conversation.
I grin at you with my new veneers,
you recoil at my advance,
We are the clasp and the loop on my favourite necklace:
impossible at times.
And did anyone ever tell you I look for you the same way I look for post on a Sunday?
It’s unexpected, hopeful and
Sincerely yours,
Never There.


An awakening to dawn mist on the water,
flowing Spirit’s streams to God’s altar,
purifying essence whistles through the trees,
images of the sacred blowing in the breeze.

Flights of fancy from birds up high,
feathers of many colors filtering through the sky,
sun, moon and stars envelops Earth’s dome,
we’re all birds of a feather, finding our way home.

Spectacle of mesmerizing movements flashing in the mind,
melting pots of humans, secrets hard to find,
love all embracing whispers on the wind,
no physical presence, ecstasy from a light dimmed.

Gifts of joy enmeshed in music and dance,
visualizing images filtering in a trance,
warriors in a drumbeat at journeys end,
back to the womb of creation enmeshed in a substance blend.

Wondrous dreams in the stillness of the dark,
journey on uplifting voyages in paradise park,
thunder and lightening points the way,
a prelude to the land where Soul’s play.

Author poet philosopher