The Climax…, by Jo-Ann E

You’re yelling now.

The veins in your neck

Popping out as if they’re ready to attack me

Right then and there.

I sit on the bed as I watch you pace back and forth avoiding eye contact.

Can’t help but feel the tears gathering themselves, blurring my view

The knot in my throat ready to take over

Common sense, love, and empathy go flying out the window as I hear the words coming out of your mouth.

I open my mouth to interrupt you but I go mute. Out of fear.

Fear of our future. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of not being able to recognize the person that I claim to love. Fear of falling out of love.

So I stay quiet. Let it out.

But remember….

remember that a sponge can only be full for so long, until water starts spilling out of every hole.