The Global Foe, by Abubakarr Momoh Sesay

Have you heard about it?
Do you feel the pains and sorrows?
Can we all die of this?
Oh Corona!
You came like a wildfire, quickly vanishing the unforgettable pains of Ebola
You’re ruining lives through panic;
Affecting the known and unknown
Destroying our immune system

Oh Corona! what a deadly pandemic?

I tell you it’s tragic!
Far away from your magic
I am terrified by the numerous cases we see and hear
All you portray is fear

What a bitterness we are facing?
You keep spreading rapidly.
Leaving no nook or kranny
This is the right time to turn to our Maker
Let’s all seek His blessing.

There’s no where to hide
Everyone bears the brunt of of their burden
Nations to which we depend all succumb

Don’t feel sick and seat, reach 117 to assist.
Be sure to seek for medical aid
Ourselves are weapons to fight against this foe.

Let’s embrace ourselves and live as one big family!
It doesn’t matter where you are ,
Neither where you’re from.
Your race doesn’t matter
All we need is each other
Let’s forget our differences
We’re not enemies,


Author: poetryfest

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