DEATH OF NOISE, by Shiela Denise Scott

You play music,
No respect for the silent type,
You own the blocks peace,
Thug life,

You deal to the fiends,
Turning corners at all times,
Loudly they scream,
Interrupting peace of mind,
Gang life never resigns

Prosperously you push luxury,
The struggling mother lost sleep time,
Riches you gain from others losing their minds,
Causing spirits to Rebel with no peace signs

Darkened by midnight,
No one lights up your face,
But the next lost soul,
Who lost their faith,
Another mishap,
Confusing their fate
Another angel,
Misguided by devils’ gates

Trapped in a neighborhood,
Forced by salary resided citizens, and crime,
Gunshots ring my memory,
Visual fights disturb the mind,
Noise raises its volume,
Addiction praises its find,
Screams of yesterday echo,
Into the shadows of moonlight…

Help me find silence!