Read Poem: The Past Ain’t Obsolete, by Isiah Lea

Master your metric
Live by your code

Some hearts just twisted
Most stuck stone cold

Petrified then replicated
Stoic and configurated

Equity no justice
Colour ain’t liberated

Black a shade
Confusion parade

Kinda like how
we treated each day

Cant see all thoughts
That ripple this way

Stipple your tat
Your symbol must
light way

You’re fine you’re okay
Resilient hurray

Every person seeing suffering
Desentised one way

Glad my wifi shit
Keep it buffering, dont play

First world; Sounds naive
Proud nationalistic history
Built upon slaves

From continent to continent
Or mostly stolen from one

So many homelands
Different brands or scars

Intersectionality infinite
Shattered snowflakes so scorned

Generationally even
Before you were born

Recycled spirit
Volitale, worn

Born from water
Warm to cold

Too many grow frozen
Before their life truly torn


Harmony, by Sierra Anastasia

Music bleeds from my gums,
Filling my mouth with bitterly sweet songs.
Albums sizzle on my taste buds while
Lyrics gag me.
My throat swells with melodies
Turning my body into a pool of notes.
Voices nest nuzzled in my ear drums
Swarming harmony in tunes of plenty.

~ Sierra Anastasia

ABANDON LOVE, by Joanne Rowe

So rich man you think you’re gonna survive?
Leaving the rest of us to die.
Buy your ticket to outer space,
watch the rest of us spinning in space.
You measure time by your own insignificant place

Mother Earth is starting to wake
We can feel her moving – Under our feet
Dancing but nobody is watching

She is screaming in the whirlpools of abandon love,
Drowning in the pools of blood,
Crying in the dirty rain,
In the clamour of the wind and rain,
how many lives have fallen?

We have rend her garments –
Emptying out her oceans
leaving her in disgrace,
and just plain destroyed this place.

With our lust for power and greed to have ever more,
Lies and deceit riding on the backs of the poor,
leaving them to eat dirt while
using our abandoned pets as live bait.

Oh all for the good life,
for we are gonna have a good time.
No one’s manning spaceship earth
to busy fighting and dying
while we are spinning out of control.

Oh sweet love divine
where do we go from here
oh sweet love divine
where do we go from here.
You seem to have abandon this place

For why complain –
we are riding on the crest of sensation,
oh for we all have a good life,
oh sweet love divine

Gaia is opening up the book of change
bringing forth massive amounts of
anger, sadness and despair
For we have abandoned her
Now chaos sets the order of the day.

And when the morning sun has risen –
I will walk outside this world of dust
Mother Earth shed
her garment of expression,
awakening the deep strata of my soul
and sets it dancing with my shadow wondering,
where we will go from here?

After the tears – a gentle rain falls
One can sense a presence
to a life’s sustaining ocean
of a love that is freely given,
not bound to any one person or thing

Asking mankind to wear a coat of compassion
To hold on to what is good, —- All you need is love
For All Life!

In gratitude we wait for a new day to begin.
poem written by Joanna Rowe

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
Mohandas Gandhi

Live Dream Love

DEATH OF NOISE, by Shiela Denise Scott

You play music,
No respect for the silent type,
You own the blocks peace,
Thug life,

You deal to the fiends,
Turning corners at all times,
Loudly they scream,
Interrupting peace of mind,
Gang life never resigns

Prosperously you push luxury,
The struggling mother lost sleep time,
Riches you gain from others losing their minds,
Causing spirits to Rebel with no peace signs

Darkened by midnight,
No one lights up your face,
But the next lost soul,
Who lost their faith,
Another mishap,
Confusing their fate
Another angel,
Misguided by devils’ gates

Trapped in a neighborhood,
Forced by salary resided citizens, and crime,
Gunshots ring my memory,
Visual fights disturb the mind,
Noise raises its volume,
Addiction praises its find,
Screams of yesterday echo,
Into the shadows of moonlight…

Help me find silence!


Am I dreaming, by JiR

Here she comes.
I look at her and ask myself,
“Am I dreaming”
It feels that way,

I wonder if she feels it too.
I think she does.
What we have cant fade,
I tell myself.
She tells me that I feel like
home to her.
I smile,
and ask myself again,
“Am I dreaming”

She tells me she loves me,
She tells me she cares.
She calls me her flame.
And that she isn’t going anywhere.
I ask myself,
“Am I dreaming”

Its been two weeks since I last saw her.
Its been two weeks since I heard her say;
“Lets just be friends”
Where did she go?
She left,
and took my heart with her.
She can keep it.
Ill just sit here.
With this hole in my chest.
At least that doesn’t fade.
Ill just sit here,
And try to forget…
And I ask myself one more time,
“Am I dreaming”


Comfort Me, by Saar Arreola

I hav a body
I hav a soul
But I’m not of this world
I don’t belong
People are tainted
And mislead
I’m always gonna be wronged
Where’s the love and compassion
Where’s the kindness and joy
Theres jus death and destruction
Unfairness, corruption, and pain
Why not end my life
And reclaim it for my own
I can’t even see what’s in store for me
I can’t get past this mess
That I continuously see on the TV
With all the assholes that cause the fuckery
My mind gambles with
Who’s gonna be next
Will it be me?
Or my trans friend next to me
Who’s life will be stolen
By the hands of another human
Being human disgusts me
This is not my kind
Humankind is being both
Condescending at the most
I don’t get it
It hurts me everyday
Why the hate?
So I transcend myself
And make my body my own
Agender and proud
To call my body my soul’s home
But I hav to confess
I’m a mess
Why live
Wen I’m going to die anyway
Why go thru this pain
Jus to get thru another day?
Why not jus take my own life
Turn off my lights
So I can go to a peaceful place
N let all the pain fade away
This is selfish
So they say
But in the end
All I hav is myself
So y can’t I do this?
I’m scared
Regardless of my death wish
Wat would happen after I die?
I don’t want God or my family
To think I’m selfish
Or a failure
I don’t want to go to “hell”
But what does the pain n sadness in my heart suggest?
Why live with a mind full of distress
I can’t see what’s in front of me
I can’t think clearly
I don’t know how to do life correctly
I’m aging day by day
Slowly wasting away
Is this wat u call being grown up?
So why do I wait and procrastinate?
Why can’t I do and say things right?
I feel like a waste of space
I feel like why even try
Wen everything I do turns out wrong
I can’t predict the future
I can’t see the end result
How can I go from point A to B wen the path is unknown to me
Take it day by day they say
But procrastination takes place
Then what?
Priorities are a must
It’s hard to make up my mind
Idk what I really want in life
I feel dead inside
N all the bad things I c
Increases this feeling I hav in me
I’m weak
I’m weak
I don’t know how to go about life with this feeling
I know
I need help
But even with help
I can’t see how it’s going to work out for me
How do I change my way of being?
How do I change my thinking?
How can I be more than who I am now?
How can I make my family proud?
For the first time in my life
I need God to comfort me.

Genre: LGBT, Hate, Dark, Sad, Death, Purpose, Life, God

Slow Motion, by Hannah Else

Genres: Love, philosophical, relationships

If I’d only one wish
I’d wish for time.
For all our hours to roll into none
so we could finally bask
in the glorious moments
for longer than they last.
I’d want the minutes to never start
or stop. The tick of a clock to be lost.
So we could be one, never-ending,
continuous love.

Read Poem: Scribbles from a Smudged Page, by Dr. Rumana Sinha Sehgal

Two halves .. inked on its fading yellow
With Crinkled words being fugitive to it.
They speak of one such day and in reminisce
A drop smudges it with the colours of black.

Reflecting their presence
That articulated into the craters of time,
They reveal a saga untold,
Coveting the infinite textures upon the page.

Resolute with the an incessant quest,
Clasped to the wings of translation
They rise afloat across the ambit
Exuberant, reaching the azure abode .

-Dr. Rumana Sinha Sehgal

Read Poem: Death’s Love, by Tiffany Pennywell

I didn’t care
That he held the power
To cool my defenses
Death’s cool touch opened a part of me
That I never shared with anyone
And even in his deep dark sadness
I saw a gleam of hope
As I traveled within a world
That kept spouting unknown secrets

New to the world of demons and witches
I did not fit in
Until he took my hand
And showed me that it was ok

An unconventional love
Sneered at from all sides
But I didn’t care
This demon’s heart will love on still
Until Death, himself, departs

Read Poem: MERAKI, by Dina Jael

The fixation of my hands
is upon the soil beneath me.
It calls me to nuture it,
thus I immerse in its moist nature.
Even the worms collaborate
in this messy downward journey,
softly lingering through my fingers.
Dirt and chaos everywhere,
as I penetrate the chosen spot.
The mycelium awaiting patiently
the arrival of the unaffected seed.
“Spread the news to the Mother Trees!” -they say
“this naive carapace has now entered deep.”
I comfort it with a blanket of mud,
hoping it feels tight and snug.
I carry myself away from the little one,
trusting the light will dry up its tears.
The days pass,
and soon a crackling sound
awakes my eyes.
Is it already time?
I rush to the garden,
encounter nothing but a sad sob.
What is it you need my tiny little dot?
“I need you to hold me, I’m breaking apart”.
A motherly sigh poures down from the clouds,
sparkling drops gently entering the ground.
As a melody of love lifts from a song,
a spirit of warmth prevails the dawn.
The short lived pain has gone astray,
the darkest night fleeted away.
The sun rises and sets.
Rooted secrets are blooming out the edge.
Stretching arms begin to unfold;
sprouting joy; neverending growth.
I stare at such greatness,
as the whistling wind
carries out loving scents of graces.

meraki poem - dina jael