A CLUE, by Dushica Labovich

When you learn to read without the letters,
because hearts’s letter is written without them;
You’ll learn to listen without superstition,
you’ll understand the wisdom of the one who is silent.

When you help those who did not help you,
And you do not create a rival game
forgive the one who has not repented,
because forgiveness is a matter of your morality

When you praise the one who can not praise the other
and for this you have no some ambiguous goal
do not talk about the worst
so you could raise your self-confidence

When you kiss the leper and you do not feel bad,
because so his wound will become painless
Hug the homeless and let them all marvel
regretness is weak people’s dark side

When you cheat to help those who is deceived,
Do not be ashamed yourself
Give what you’ve been collecting for years
but do not looking for the benefit in that.

when you lose the most important in your life
Do not surrender to death as a sceptic
bless the one who stole from you
No one can steal what is itended.

Trust in more when you fall the lowest,
because it builds high from the low;
Achieve but keep dreaming,
because the birth is just a new beginning.

When you’ll swimm in gold, don’t measure yourself with others,
because the measure is the virtue of envy;
Do not boast in your deeds,
in modesty is their strength.

When the Oscars and Nobel prisez will be important to you,
golden palms, lions and globes;
Do not let that confessions, delights and applause
means everything to you.

When you supported all armless that they could swim,
and sing with deaf people in front of all world.
when you prove to lords that thay can love too
and give them word in vow.

When you protect the sun shadow with a shade
give light to the brightness and darkness to the night
Treat everyone equally,
you’ll know you left a clue on the earth!