SURVIVAL, Poetry by Nwoko Alexandre

Genre: Society, Survivor


Many feel survival is more in the animal kingdom. Some years back, I was watching a TV station on animal survival documentary. And to be quite honest with you. The very day an animal is born, it starts surviving till its death. What I envy about them is the fact that the don’t seek pity, the keep on trying and adapt quite quickly to everything.

Truth is animals aren’t in fact too different from we humans. But the difference is when we start growing up, we forget about survival. But the animals grow up with only one thing on their mind which is survival. Our growing up is meant to be preparation for survival. Truth is that isn’t what we are doing right now. The world is getting to the stage whereby your academic excellence doesn’t determine your survival in the real world. Statistics over the years has shown that people who do well academically don’t transform that success in the real life. I think it’s only true for us to say that your fathers success isn’t enough to keep you throughout life without achieving anything yourself. The world has come to the stage whereby if you don’t prepare thoroughly for survival, you’ll literally die.

So since survival is very important, why isn’t it taught in schools, why isn’t it taught by our parents? The world isn’t for the patient anymore. Its for those who have the balls to go out there and take what’s theirs. The world isn’t for the weak no more. Learn to survive. Learn to be an animal when humans surround you.

By  Nwoko Alexandre



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