GOD’S Pursuit, Poetry by BW 4 Christ

Genre: Rhyme, Spiritual

GOD’S Pursuit by BW 4 Christ


My prayers need answers

Answers that I seek

For a strong soul that is often meek

That pursuit doesn’t always take me to YOUR book

For I never know where to look

Sometimes it’s in the course of a day

That the answers come across my way

Other times it’s in YOUR pursuit of me

That you use the things I see

For YOU created me visually

It’s in the trees so strong and tall

It’s written on walls

Maybe a program on TV

Music that strikes the very heart of me

YOUR pursuit, YOUR woo, YOUR courtship, OUR relationship

All depends on the answers that I seek

For that soul that’s strong but often meek

That sometimes needs a wake up call

The cause for that fall

Just so I have no choice but to look up before the ground swallows me whole

And I lose that strong soul

That YOU created from the beginning

Set in a fallen world of free will

That keeps on sinning

Answers that it continuously seeks

A soul forced to be made weak

YOUR pursuit to capture just so YOU can make it free

Looks into the very heart of me

Patiently silently knocks at the door

With hope once more

Expecting just once chance

To break down the walls with no romance

Strongholds that were built in more than one night

Gave the devil his delight

Holding on to the lock and key

Swallowed up everything

No peace, self-control, hope or joy

Permanently scarred grown humans that used to be girls and boys

But that pursuit that YOU do

If we allow ourselves to be captured

We’ll be stuck to YOU

Living life more abundantly

Made whole and free

Strongholds washed away

Peace, joy, hope and all the other good fruit here to stay

No matter if it rains wet

But YOU dry with just YOUR breathe

Cause YOUR pursuit means we have met

That pursuit means the thrill is never gone

Away goes those sad songs

Cause YOU have reached and mended the very heart of me

YOUR pursuit, woo, courtship, relationship says


    * * * * *

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