The Novice and the Goddess, Poetry by Erik Thomas

Dream, let your emotions stream…

…Across the seam of a border to a greater being

Brought together by a greater means…

…The proper pronunciation of the letters L-O-V and E

Genre: Fantasy, Love Story


The Novice and the Goddess
by Erik Thomas


Dream, let your emotions stream…

…Across the seam of a border to a greater being

Brought together by a greater means…

…The proper pronunciation of the letters L-O-V and E




When was the last time you met your match…?

Let me explain, this object of sentiment who puts your whole mind intact, a sudden awakening within, you’ve gained a drive to catch, her eye at a moments notice before your opportunity’s left…  out the door without a word, its almost unfair you see… you took a bit too long to


Allow me to take you on a voyage, ill explain it vocally… a lesson learned amounts to greater meaning than teaching a soul with you hope you see…?


That… if you don’t take me now, ill have a heart attack love

My fatal convulsions worth us not spending time in fact love

That, ive gone past the point of return, no Turning back love

Trapped in the depths of mental consumption without  fates escape route skittle path love

Theres no way to backtrack without your support Mona me

Soon you’ll see, that what we were, aint half as much as what well be…

Ill raise the rivers, move the moons, and fucking separate the sea…

Id ward off all your demons while you rest easy for the rest of eternity…

Ill show you exactly what I’ve become, If you’d come stand here next to me.

I need you love, don’t walk away… open your eyes and soon you’ll see.


But then she whispered the truths of her dying affection toward his hoping presence without glee…her piercing words even dropped our hopeless hero to his knees…she said. “My time here is passed, and with your obtained knowledge your undoubtedly soon the be, the most magnificent mind materialized meant for the sake love ever over the course of history.” He replied, fuck your stupid logic, just look at what you’ve done to me! Before he spoke another word, she laughed at his animosity… she said “I’ve given you the best ascension toward romantic divinity…how could you even almost deny the prospects of my wish to set you free…?” He staggered over his sentence, but he managed to get his point out clear and free… you’ve taught me how to ‘think’ and create all the things that I do see… to recognize the bounds of ones desires and how to offer them their dreams… however, the one thing you haven’t instructed was what I take in personally…my own essentials were never met, as well as the necessities… the one thing I’ve ever wanted was to make ‘you’ live so happily… you don’t get it, I wont love again, this marks the end of me, youre all I’ve ever wanted, and you’ll be all I ever need… ill say it once more as your Romeo, Juliet please don’t leave…?

I promise to god, if you walk out that door ill fucking cease to breathe…q;[


Her expression was unforeseen, she hadn’t expected this… her perception on what she’d done here…and all for just a kiss? She couldn’t quite see why he cared so much, or what she’d done to deserve this, she couldn’t bare to see him loveless again… but she wouldn’t  suffer through the bliss… before she motioned to speak again, she noticed a wetness on her face… a single tear slid down her warming cheek, then she noticed her mistake… apparently she showed someone who had nothing, the most excellent virtues of what ‘love’ could make… she altered an entire thought process, and then his heart was left to break, she cried the happiest tears she’d ever fathomed as he offered his hand once more to take… Then, the Goddess outreached her arm, with a bit of hesitation, how on heaven or why on earth had she created this revalation, surpassed amongst her own craft… shocked amidst the presence of his creation… a minds time consumption of true creativity is bounds for miraculous manifestation…


A sound seconds slower than Sadam’s Saudi Arabian invasion yet light years faster than a single inhalation pace placed to save face in case of cardio pulmonary resuscitation — she went left told him to close his eyes took a breath &blew a wind from her chest blessed with the rest of her best stuff  summoning a gust that mustv done it – err sent our hero to plummet – to death by way of ripping the soul from his chest – he expected none lessz


The Novice & The Goddess


    * * * * *

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