JUST FOR A DAY, Poetry by Robby J Keating)

Genre: Inspiration

by Robby J Keating)

Just for a day I’d like to find your way

if your’e indigenous show me how to play

don’t need no hidden backlash on what I am about

if you need to vent on life just call me up and shout

just for a day I’d like to be in your mind

feel what it’s like to feel the rants from those so blind

never felt a racist vibe coming from me inside

but I’ve seen the looks on faces when others are unkind

Just for a day let me be president

I’d get rid of us and them n’ make we are one events

same blood we all die the same do you get my drift life don’t make sense

spin box spin those minds of ours chippin’ away at our natural defence

Just for one day would you live inside of me

see how the world is broke we gotta fight to break us free

and it’s easy to bring another down

it only breeds misery

just for one day would you like to be president

or prime minister that run’s the show like it’s all an accident

it might shut down a shallow face that gets carried around

see nothin’s safe no nothin’s safe ‘ no nothin’s safe ‘round town

just for a day

swap sides to the receiving end

we won’t ever know what it’s like for those

’til we learn to bend

our rule books that are made to break

our rigid minds that we hold so fake

our screwed up emotions that divide us all

on wake

just for a day so much we all could face

just for a day swap shoes with those we hate n’ chase

just for a day it could be make or break

just for a day just for a day

just for a day




    * * * * *

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