THE HEARTLESS AND THE HOMELESS, Poetry by Carlyn Soulei Thomas

By: Carlyn Soulei Thomas

Homeless woman on the street
No place to sleep, no bread to eat
Dragging her feet through the cars of the train,
In an awkward run, begs for change to maintain

Poverty knows no color, no creed
Still the rich wants more, beyond what they need
While the poor, still poorer
Prays for the day they’ll get over

Such a disgrace, such a shame
And I’m partly to blame

See, I’ve been those staring eyes
Those friendly smiles in disguise,
While disgusted, I’m feeling inside
As they pass, my legs pull aside
Hold my breath,
While fighting the urge to get upset

Deep inside, I’ve been unkind
Though to lend a hand, I never mind
Human nature? Or just plain immature?
Still the matter at hand,
Crucial, but buried beneath the sand

Take a minute to listen and you’ll understand

The world is like Jack and Jill
And almost everything is treated with a pill
Society has a lot of missing screws
Recession has everyone singing the blues
The freedom to choose has been abused
And now we live in a world confused

Still day after day I aim to change,
Though obstacles hit at every range

Kindness is contagious
But hand in hand goes no further than being written on pages
Current events are more and more outrageous
Are you brave enough to face it?

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make new trees.”
-Amelia Earhart

#hope #life #love

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