The last human to have lived, Poetry by Mudeet Arora

Genre: Forced Motivation

The last human to have lived
by Mudeet Arora

Eyes showing a moonlit night,
Under the shadows of insanity,
He and his conscience got into a fight,
He had nothing to lose, nothing to pity,
After all, he has no one in his sight,
The world had lost everything,
Everything that seemed pretty.

He saw the world pass by,
In front of his closed eyes
Nothing he could do but try,
Try and try till he himself dies.

He had the world at his feet,
Many of you would take it
But he, he lived the life of a lover,
He could only express and could never fake it.

He cursed himself
He hit himself
All of the world seemed of no value to him,
He tried to kill himself
But his hands trembled like an adolescent’s first swim.

All he needed was to see a face
But this wasn’t a clue,
This wasn’t a game
All that was beloved,
There was no trace.

He sat in his final night,
He saw death dancing by all horizons,
His eyes lit up at the sight of death,
It was the first feeling he had for eons.

Death gently sat beside him
Intending to have a conversation
“Finally you’re here”, he said with a grin,
As his body felt cold…
When death made its embrace,
He remembered all the good he did,
Looking into death’s eyes,
Not for a moment his conscience slipped.

His smile cast a storm,
In that moment, he asked death…
This is all of what his last words could give…
“How does it feel to take away
The last human to have lived?”


    * * * * *

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