FEAR, Poetry by Marcell Wallace a.k.a Poetikal Solution

Genre: Life, Society

FEAR by Marcell Wallace
a.k.a Poetikal Solution 

There you are,
a photo of you smiling.
But now, here’s a mirror of you sad.
I can tell something stole your joy
and you want to go back to that photo smiling
Instead looking in the mirror sad.
You just want to be normal again.
I sense that you are afraid.
Too busy putting your trust in fear or your fear in trust.
The fear of the unknown that is known is still fear,
One only hopes when it’s near,
They courage it up to get a backbone,
So they won’t be consumed in their nightmare.
There’s a war going on,
Outside there’s peace and protection.
Inside, you are a living breathing storm with radar palms
pulse like earthquake
Nerve shaking anxiety
No peace in between touchdowns
I seen you spot a tornado before the funnel forms with those hurricane eyes
Hail size tears
Your destructive behavior
Is bringing your strength down,
Self-control it Or it will control you.
You just want to go back to that photo smiling
Instead a mirror sad.
I’ll be glad to have you back,
That, every in half moon, full moon, new moon laugh.
That, calm before and after the storm,
Your, cloudy sun rays that shine on my rainy days.
That makes me thankful to be alive.
I too want you to be normal again
But it’s your civil war you must end.
It have to be in your heart to no fly zone your climate change.
Cease fire your mouth from shooting down your ability to overcome.
The storms will only grow violently worse as time goes on.
He who is always watching the wind does not sow;
he who always keeps his eyes on the clouds will not reap.
Hold fast my love
You can do it

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