LIFE, by THA.WriteHer

Sometimes we go through things in life
And we don’t know why
These are the facts of life
sometimes we laugh and other times we cry

God is always sending us messages
To take a look at the life that we choose to pursue
Because he doesn’t want to see our lives in ruin
Don’t allow your thoughts to wonder why and stray

When a loved one is taken away
Pick up the pieces to bring understanding through the comfort of prayer
To relieve the fear and being afraid
When God created us, he already had our destiny in his eyes

So that we can motivate others
From understanding, knowledge and to make us wise
Encourage and strengthen one another

Help everyone that you can and be strong
Peace and blessings will cover you
Inspiration can come through in poetry and song



Read Poetry: The Words I Spoke, by Jordan Corley

Genre: Love, Hope, Life

I waited patiently for the world to follow
To adjust
To reset
And comprehend what I had just said
I gave myself the same courtesy
A minute
A day
Maybe two to process their meaning
They weren’t anything special
Nothing spectacular
Nothing memorable
The words that left my mouth
But something felt right
A click
An acknowledgment that maybe
just maybe I was meant to say them
They were meant to be heard
I waited silently for the world to follow
To stop spinning for a second
For just one moment
As I let the words leave my lips
Free my tongue of their grasp
Their power which clung to my thoughts
Through sleep– no sleep
What is sleep when these words are present?
In my thoughts
Through daylight
And menial tasks so often required
To sustain life in this world
To feign sanity
Wrought by a wavering focus
They were nothing to be remembered
Anything but important
To the outside observer
To a distant onlooker
But perhaps that’s why I remembered
The way they felt as I spoke
Why I recited the time
The place
The date of which I said them
Over and over
And over again
In my head
The breath that came before and after
I opened my mouth
The pause between each word
Each syllable
To ensure perfect deliverance
Perhaps that’s why they’ve stuck with me all these months
All these years
They were honest
The last words I said to you

Read Poetry: INSOMNIAC’S LULLABY, by Ruthie B.

I’m feeling nervous
I’m feeling strange
My mind just wants to keep repeating
These things over again
I’m in a time warp
With my own brain
No longer wonder what it feels like
To be going insane
You are no friend of mine
For some other time
Can’t stop these feelings
They come too fast
I’m at an early morning viewing
Mistakes From The Past
I’ve seen this one before
Can’t do this anymore
Please be a friend of mine
I’ll try this one more time
I’m feeling nervous
I’m feeling strange
Ruthie B
Genre: pressure, life, fear, dark


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Read Poetry: Midnight Horizon, by Barbara Hunt

 Genre: Dark, scary, empowering, unknown, mystery, life

Turning and twisting out of reach
My dreams turn dark my fears unleashed
As I slowly drown in darkness I feel it’s icy touch I squirm trying to stay out of its evil clutches but it’s just not enough
The light of day continues to fade far from my reach
My heart beats fast as at last I finally see this living beast for what it truly is
I embrace it’s tendrils empowered and unafraid my fear fades far away as I dive into the darkness I now find comforting

* * *

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Read Poetry: This Is My Life, by Shellie Palmer

Genre: Life, living life, living, hopeful, joy, happy, sad, perspective

Symbols and notes I see, I see signs of what’s to be. I’ve seen hearts, wings and babies. I don’t understand them as they appear more so daily. These days go by so quick, I want to enjoy every moment as they come and go by. In my sights of life see more intolerance this is why I want to enjoy this life. These symbols could be more than just a sign, it could very well be what I’ve been missing in my life. True friendships have found me happy and sometimes it makes me cry that’s my life. So why do I wonder what these signs are about. I question it sometimes. Life is a question mark , the answers will come in time. I still have plenty of life to live to make it right. After all this is my life.

 * * *

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Poetry: Blue Crystal Kaleidoscope by Marilyn Kandus

Genre: Life, Rhyme

blue crystal kaleidoscope
deeply cut reds

silk adorns tapered neck

light source

ceramic smiles


open eyes

to memories

of childhood

m.kandus 5/2017


* * * * *

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Poetry: Crooked Smile by MS WARD

 Genre: Life
I smile through my hardships and pray through my pain It’s hard seeing the sunshine when your heart is full of rain I laugh through the turmoil and seek refuge through the anguish I can’t feel happy when everything in my life is damaged.

My smile hides so much that I bury within but you will never see my tears I will never give in My laughter masks a hurt that’s buried deep inside I will never unleash the pain I’m too scared to cry.

I carry the load of so much that it weighs heavy on me I don’t have a true partner someone who is there for me Sometimes being strong can be such a heavy burden to bear There are times when I need someone to be there.

I want rid myself of all of these sorrowful thoughts that are in my mind I just want a break to be happy for some time It’s been so long since my soul has smiled I just want a little peace at least for a while.

* * * * *

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Poetry: OLD ORDER by Rajnish Mishra

 Genre: Dark, Death, Fear, Friendship, Life, Love, Painful, Personality, Philosophical, Relationships, Sad, Society, Old and new.

 All old order is subject to decay,

they say and when fate summons,

old ways free fall. Heart-held loves,

friends, hatreds, foes, all, yes, all

give way to mighty time’s sway.

Indestructible, invincible,

grand youthful years, with each
passing year suffer wisdom’s

sedimentation, while marching on way,

time fills in fears, foreboding of future:

quite an accumulation! That knowledge

and fear lose all their power,
For lost is that fear –

a servant attentive.
For lost is that fear –

above head always hovering.
So, lost is the fear –

of not ever returning
As roots are cut now,

or withered; ineffective


now hardened

is drained of that terror.

Short Bio:

Rajnish Mishra is a poet, writer, blogger and thinker. He has published seven books, six co-edited anthologies, twenty scholarly papers and poems in various journals, books and magazines. Few of his poems can be read at the following sites:,,,,

His love for his city and his awareness of its effects on his psycho-social development led him to starting his own blog: in 2011. The blog features both his academic writing and his writing on his city: the City of Light, Varanasi. Then, as he is a poet, and loves reading and talking about other people’s poems too, he started another blog: He runs an ezine: PPP Ezine to promote poetry and poets.

* * * * *

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Poetry: United by PoxyMadMagpie

 Genre: Love, Inspirational, Life.

we are creatures
made out of flesh
and spirit that
never surrenders.

we defy fate.
we defy the end.

for our hearts
beat beyond the body.
they are bound

booming through millenniums.
laughing at pain.

showering hatred with love.
with every strike
we grow bigger.

never surrendering to evil.
we rather fall… united.

in love.

* * * * *

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Poetry: GIVING UP by Jaspreet Kaur

Genre: Life
whenever I find myself struggling,
most of the times my hardships are not resulting,

I thought of giving up..

The day I find myself depressed,
My mind is tired of being stressed,

I thought of giving up..

When everyone was against me,
nobody was ready to stand with me,

I thought of giving up…


Giving Up is not always the solution,
for this you have to make resolution,

And never think of giving up..

All you need is to work hard,
Accept defeats and learn to move forward,

And never think of giving up,

One day you will realise,
situations are not always how you analyse,

And never think of giving up,

Giving Up is mare a distraction,
you just stay focussed and take action,

and never think of giving up..


* * * * *

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