Poetry: Crooked Smile by MS WARD

 Genre: Life
I smile through my hardships and pray through my pain It’s hard seeing the sunshine when your heart is full of rain I laugh through the turmoil and seek refuge through the anguish I can’t feel happy when everything in my life is damaged.

My smile hides so much that I bury within but you will never see my tears I will never give in My laughter masks a hurt that’s buried deep inside I will never unleash the pain I’m too scared to cry.

I carry the load of so much that it weighs heavy on me I don’t have a true partner someone who is there for me Sometimes being strong can be such a heavy burden to bear There are times when I need someone to be there.

I want rid myself of all of these sorrowful thoughts that are in my mind I just want a break to be happy for some time It’s been so long since my soul has smiled I just want a little peace at least for a while.

* * * * *

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