Read Poem: LOVE, by James Stordy

Let my lips serenade your body
and place my hands gently on your curves
Let my eyes deeply embrace yours
and let my voice whisper softly in your ear
let the fires burn intensely
and the candles illuminate you
let the night turn into day
and watch the stars disappear
until tomorrow
and i let me serenade you all again


Read Poem: LOVE, by Peter F. Pike

The opposite of courage maybe fear

but the true opposite of fear is love.

Bravery is something we all hold dear;

such a precious gift from heaven above.

But what of love? That emotion splendid!

Where hatred has festered; Love brings healing

as broken relationships are mended.

Isn’t Love the highest-soaring feeling?

Love can truly cure the broken-hearted;

all the fallen, Love gently raises up.

It just takes kindness to get Love started:

that grateful sip of water from a cup.

Love—the highest of all our emotions

Love—the deepest of all our devotions

© Peter F Pike, NSW

Read Poetry: Confessions, by Lizardin Bain

You say I’m pretty. You say I’m kind,

But does it ever cross your mind,

That you’re being awfully abusive.


Of course, it doesn’t. Why it should?

The nicest words they never could,

Hurt anyone or be intrusive.


And people think so, and my brain,

It tries to cope, but all in vain.

My heart prefers to be preclusive.


You sing those tunes without a care,

You fail to see that I can’t bear,

The notes that sound to me illusive.


I understand that I am flawed,

But all I see is brutish fraud,

Who is as rude as he’s delusive.


I do not trust when someone says:

“I fell in love in three short days.”

It’s highly doubtful and allusive.


Your words are brining only pain,

They are constricting, like a chain,

And I can hardly take your glee.


But you’re urging me to stay,

And not allowing me to say,

My desperate, urgent plea.

The anger hops up to the front,

You end up sliced. You end up burnt,

You cuss, you spit, you flee.


I ‘m left alone. I’m left unbound.

Denied a voice, denied a sound,

Like cursed, unwanted sea.


I curl inside. I close the door,

Refuse to roar and feeling sore,

I throw away the key.


And I am failing to confess,

And I am failing to express –

How love confessions hurt me.

Genre: love, relationship, hurt, another point of view, confession, sad

Read Poetry: The Words I Spoke, by Jordan Corley

Genre: Love, Hope, Life

I waited patiently for the world to follow
To adjust
To reset
And comprehend what I had just said
I gave myself the same courtesy
A minute
A day
Maybe two to process their meaning
They weren’t anything special
Nothing spectacular
Nothing memorable
The words that left my mouth
But something felt right
A click
An acknowledgment that maybe
just maybe I was meant to say them
They were meant to be heard
I waited silently for the world to follow
To stop spinning for a second
For just one moment
As I let the words leave my lips
Free my tongue of their grasp
Their power which clung to my thoughts
Through sleep– no sleep
What is sleep when these words are present?
In my thoughts
Through daylight
And menial tasks so often required
To sustain life in this world
To feign sanity
Wrought by a wavering focus
They were nothing to be remembered
Anything but important
To the outside observer
To a distant onlooker
But perhaps that’s why I remembered
The way they felt as I spoke
Why I recited the time
The place
The date of which I said them
Over and over
And over again
In my head
The breath that came before and after
I opened my mouth
The pause between each word
Each syllable
To ensure perfect deliverance
Perhaps that’s why they’ve stuck with me all these months
All these years
They were honest
The last words I said to you

Read Poem by Oceana

Genres : love, hurt, revenge, spiritual, philosophical

No Right

You have no right to ask how I am
And no right to an answer
No right even to the thought occuring
Or the breath that bore it
That breathed our moment
In vengeful violence
Spitting and seething spite
In dark deluded condemnation
Of everything you claimed once right.

You have no right to the friendship
That you beat up
And threatened death to the life that bore it
But unabashed and unforgiven
You assume it
Say you don’t need forgiving
He was due it
You’re the master and there’s no chance
He could ever do it.

You have no right to claim regret
No right to say you are sorry
When to every other face is a different story
Where malice remains the prince amonst principalities
And you justify revenge with vivid stories
With you as the chosen one
With you enlightened and not undone.

You have no right to claim to see the truth
Or to be it’s living example
To uphold yourself as one of the few
Yet in the face of everything
This is what you do.
To god and yourself you must justify
Delusion that you can’t deny
Only you can answer why
Only then you cannot lie.

Read Poetry: Flowing Form, by Stuart Aken

Form colour texture shape

Do they singly or in blend

Define what we see as beauty?


Is it how the limbs are made

The curving contours or

The hidden depths unseen?


Can genetic imperative alone

Something so banal be why

Or does some other force apply?


Undoubtedly we are attracted

Are all designed to look

And gender is no key


Despite the jests on paper bags

The face is all-important

A smile an invitation glance


When the loved one looks your way

Is it you who fills those eyes

And that one you really see?

By Stuart Aken (UK)


Genres: Love, Philosophical, Relationships, Romantic.


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Read Poetry: Finally, by Sophia Ananda

Genre: Hope, Faith, Trust, Love, Insight, Spiritual, Spirit, Spirituality, Soul, Soulful, Connected, Connection, Human, Humans, Peace, Peaceful, Inner peace.

”Hi! How are you?” he asked, 
tired and not prepared for her answer,
when opening his arms.
She did not stop to breathe, instead 
she opened up, nothing smooth about it, 
more like an erupting volcano. 
”I am true generosity
and I am 
the not wanted envy.” 
”I am the purest of white 
and I am the blackness of sorrow,
with tiny streaks of grey.” 
”I am the golden morning light, 
and I am 
the dense evening darkness.” 
”I am in fact the earthly beginning, 
as much as I am
the heavenly end.” 
He sat down and sighed, 
exhausted after a day’s work,
then cleared his throat and whispered.
”Why? What happened?” he asked, 
wiping away the beads of sweat 
on his tanned and wrinkled forehead.
”Me … I heard the real me 
for the first time, 
and it was loud and clear. Just like you.” 
She took his cold, sweaty hand, 
gently touched his cheek and smiled. 
”It was I who finally happened.” 

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Read Poetry: AGAINST THE WORLD, by Works of Adedeji


If the world would stand against us,
If the mighty men of this world contend against us,
If the goddess of beauty seduce me,
If the mighty ocean king oppress me,
If the hostile Sun should set her fire against me
Not even when the Moon shines brighter than the Sun,
Will I be offended at all these did!
Words can offend and pollute me,
A yes is positive,
A no will kill suicide,
Please beauty, end the misery and call the shots,
My love for you is for all eternity and a day,
When I say I love you, the stars were jealous,
The Angels that guard you were offended at my words,
They plan evil to possess my body just to have a taste of mortal love,
I’m not moved,
Your shine silenced the shine of the sun,
Will you then not take me forever with you?



* * *

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Read Poetry: PUT ME TO SLEEP BEFORE IT COMES, by Sarah Francisco

Genre: Love, Fear, Sadness, Death, Loneliness

Put me to sleep before it comes
I pray that everything in me completely numbs
I cannot face it, seeing it coming back
Put me to sleep and don’t wake me up

Sleep is death’s kindred, a kindness
That approaches by night and lets
A weary soul get rest — solace
A way out of pain and sadness

Put me to sleep before it comes
An assault of memories — keeps on
Distracting me from my escape
It insists — keeping me awake

There is no running away in
The night when everyone is kept
Tight by a blanket of arms — so
Put me to sleep before it comes

* * * *

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Poetry: OLD ORDER by Rajnish Mishra

 Genre: Dark, Death, Fear, Friendship, Life, Love, Painful, Personality, Philosophical, Relationships, Sad, Society, Old and new.

 All old order is subject to decay,

they say and when fate summons,

old ways free fall. Heart-held loves,

friends, hatreds, foes, all, yes, all

give way to mighty time’s sway.

Indestructible, invincible,

grand youthful years, with each
passing year suffer wisdom’s

sedimentation, while marching on way,

time fills in fears, foreboding of future:

quite an accumulation! That knowledge

and fear lose all their power,
For lost is that fear –

a servant attentive.
For lost is that fear –

above head always hovering.
So, lost is the fear –

of not ever returning
As roots are cut now,

or withered; ineffective


now hardened

is drained of that terror.

Short Bio:

Rajnish Mishra is a poet, writer, blogger and thinker. He has published seven books, six co-edited anthologies, twenty scholarly papers and poems in various journals, books and magazines. Few of his poems can be read at the following sites:,,,,

His love for his city and his awareness of its effects on his psycho-social development led him to starting his own blog: in 2011. The blog features both his academic writing and his writing on his city: the City of Light, Varanasi. Then, as he is a poet, and loves reading and talking about other people’s poems too, he started another blog: He runs an ezine: PPP Ezine to promote poetry and poets.

* * * * *

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