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Read Poetry: Finally, by Sophia Ananda

Genre: Hope, Faith, Trust, Love, Insight, Spiritual, Spirit, Spirituality, Soul, Soulful, Connected, Connection, Human, Humans, Peace, Peaceful, Inner peace. ”Hi! How are you?” he asked, ​ tired and not prepared for her answer,​ when opening his arms.​ ​ She did not stop to breathe, instead ​ she opened up, nothing smooth about it, ​ more like an erupting volcano. ​ ​ ”I am true generosity​ and I am ​ the not wanted envy.” ​ ​ ”I am the purest of white ​ and I am the blackness of sorrow,​ with tiny streaks of grey.” ​ ​ ”I am the golden morning light, ​ and I am ​ the dense evening darkness.” ​ ​ ”I am in fact the earthly beginning, ​ as much as I am​ … Continue reading

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Read Poetry: SOUL, by World Imagined

Genre: Relationship, Love   You don’t even know the power you don’t realise the flower that grows inside illusioned with pride guarded by mind is your might is your right to fight versus premise of life to know the truth … Continue reading

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Bloodshot Eyes and Tearstained Cheeks, Poetry by Amber Lee

I find myself alone with bloodshot eyes and tearstained cheeks
finally releasing the emotions I’ve kept suppressed for week

I lay here in this dark and humid room
wishing for one thing: to be next to you Continue reading

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