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Read Poetry: INSOMNIAC’S LULLABY, by Ruthie B.

I’m feeling nervous I’m feeling strange My mind just wants to keep repeating These things over again I’m in a time warp With my own brain No longer wonder what it feels like To be going insane Sleep Sleep Sleep … Continue reading

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Poetry: Original poem By Heather Harrison

 Genre: Pressure  Image- I can’t eat when I’m stressed, I can’t eat out of fear. One day that food, will appear in the mirror. On my stomach, legs, thighs and face. Every bite that I take, leaving it’s trace. You … Continue reading

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Read Poetry: MAY, by Emma Holden

Genre: Free verse, hurt, personality, mental illness, borderline personality disorder, dark, life, sad, pressure, unstructured poetry   But words are just words, and lies will always be lies. Maybe summer will reveal the truth, and the phrases that sit beneath … Continue reading

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Unwanted Anger, Poetry by Holiday Chua

Threads of dark whispers seep into my skin;
Clouds of red came blurring in;
My vision turns black and flickers to red…
One knife, one soul bloody dead. Continue reading

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