Read Poetry: MAY, by Emma Holden

Genre: Free verse, hurt, personality, mental illness, borderline personality disorder, dark, life, sad, pressure, unstructured poetry

But words are just words, and lies will always be lies.

Maybe summer will reveal the truth, and the phrases that sit beneath my scars

I bare myself before them, and welcome my feelings; they’re tougher then that, and stronger then me. So I break apart, their ignorance leaving bruises on the back of my hands; hands that I don’t even recognize anymore.

Who am I supposed to be? Because i am never enough. But I am all that I know. And if they tell me to be softer, I will remind them I am jaded, and sharp. That each piece of me has carved a hole in someone else. So if you want me to change, you mustn’t stay.

And I’ll walk the shores alone and collect shells instead of these reasons to run.


* * * * *

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