I am here to tell you…, Poetry by Kris

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship

“I am here to tell you…” by Kris
(letter too self)

you are NOT your disorder.
no matter what anyone tells you,
it DOES NOT define you.
CHOOSE to acknowledge this

you are NOT your label.
labels are mis-leading,
they are only useful for the proper professionals,
and, of course, insurance companies.
DO NOT let it hold you back,
restrict you or toss you to the side.
your label cannot taste the salty air,
smell the sweet scent of spring coming,
see the stars shining so brightly,
hear the sounds of birds chirping,
or feel the love you are so capable of giving and so worthy of receiving.

you are NOT your symptoms.
symptoms are fleeting,
they may not even adequately describe the human being which lay beneath.
they do NOT make you bad or dirty, or to be shamed by the ignorant.
do not let it determine your beliefs or impede on your dreams,
chose to believe and please, please chose to dream anyway.

you are not your challenges.
challenges are just that–challenges.
choose to see them as a gift,
a gift meant to show not DISability, but ABILITY.
believe it or not, we ALL have challenges.
they are opportunities to overcome,
not inspire but despite.
choose, not to succumb, but persevere and surpass,
to show all that glitters and the wonders you keep hidden within.

in fact, my dear one, you are not even your diagnosis,
but SO MUCH MORE then any of this
you are MORE then what others’ may CHOSE to see,
even more then what you may chose to see.

YOU are more empathic, caring, and compassionate because of it.

You are not limited, but limitless,
You are not inadequate, but adequate beyond all measure.
You are not unkind, but so kind.
You do not lack empathy, but feel it so easily.
You do not lack understanding, because you know what its like.
Yes, my friend, you are PERFECT…IMPERFECTLY PERFECT.

You are not untouchable, unreachable, or unloveable.
You are so easily touched, you may have to take a break at times.
It may take a little longer, a different journey, or a gentle knowing,
but you are so very reachable.

You DO NOT belong in a box.
In reality my brother/sister, parent/child, friend/aquantiance , or even stranger…
YOU, yes YOU,


    * * * * *

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